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Everything for the Gun Enthusiast

The story of Chuck's Guns and Ammo Shop is the story of Chuck Sunser, a U.S. Marine Corp Weapons Specialist, life-long gun enthusiast, and gun collector.   Chuck's love of firearms began when he was a 10 years old boy growing up in Upstate New York, by the time he was 15 years old he started collecting guns.  When Chuck opened Chuck's Guns and Ammo in Jupiter he fulfilled a lifelong dream of bringing a high level of professionalism to the gun and ammo business not only by serving the professional law enforcement community, but also the civilian.

Chuck's Guns and Ammo Shop offers handguns, tactical rifles, tactical, and hunting shotguns, and is also a Class 3 S.OT Dealer offering a full line of suppressors and full autos.  It is Chuck's mission to provide professional classes in self-defense and for people who use weapons. Chuck and his staff, who are all either police officers or NRA Certified Instructors, offer a variety of classes with the goal of providing tactics  for real life situations so that the civilian is comfortable and safe when using weapons.  Classes offered by the professional staff include, Home and Vehicle Defense, Taser Operator Course, Defense Against Hostile Person[s], Concealed Weapons Permit Certification, Bolt Rifle I & II, Intermediate & Advanced Courses in Pistol, Shotgun, and Carbine Rifle.

Our mission is to be the #1 gun and ammo store  for gun enthusiasts through the relentless improvement of everthing we do.  We hope to see you soon at our store where Chuck and his professionally trained staff will assist you.

Chuck's Guns And Ammo
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